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Rachel Grimsby

Assistant Professor of Music Education
School of Music
Center for the Visual Arts - CVA 206B
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Rachel is a passionate educator, with experience teaching elementary general music, choral music, and music in early childhood. She holds degrees from East Carolina University, The University of Hartford’s Hartt School of Music, and Michigan State University. Her research interests include the professional development and collaborative needs of inservice teachers and paraprofessionals, course work for undergraduates and graduate students in teaching music to students with disabilities, and music and language acquisition in students with disabilities. Rachel is the co-author of two publications; First Steps in Music with Orff Schulwerk, and Conversational Recorder. She also has been published in the Orff Echo, Journal of Music Teacher Education, Research Studies in Music Education, and Arts Education Policy Review. Rachel is fully certified in Feierabend, Kodály, Orff, and holds GIML Elementary I and II certificates. She lives with her husband and two children in Bloomington, IL.

Current Courses

278.001Arts For Early Childhood:Music

277.001Arts For Elementary Schools:Music

217.001Foundations of Music Teaching and Learning (General Music I)

262.001Foundations of Music Teaching and Learning (General Music II)

285.008Honors Undergraduate Research I

371.001Teaching Music to Diverse Learners

419.001Teaching Music to Diverse Learners

Ph D Music Education

Michigan State University
Lansing, Michigan

MMEd Music Education

University of Hartford's Hart School of Music
West Hartford, Connecticut

BME Music Education

East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina

Book, Authored

Feierabend, J. & Grimsby, R. (2021). Conversational Solfege for Recorder. GIA Publications.

Book, Chapter

Hammel, A.M. & Hourigan, R.M. (2020). Teaching music to students with autism. Oxford University Press.

Journal Article

Grimsby, R. & Knapp, E. J. (2022) A comparison of federal and state special education laws: implications for music educators, Arts Education Policy Review,
Grimsby, R. (2022). “A meeting of equals”: Music educators and special education paraprofessionals in a community of practice. Research Studies in Music Education.
Grimsby, R. (2020). “Anything Is Better than Nothing!” Inservice Teacher Preparation for Teaching Students with Disabilities. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 29 (3), 77–90.
Grimsby, R. (2018). Prepare, practice, present: A “sound before sight” approach to teaching recorder. The Orff Echo, 51(1), 22 -27.
Grimsby, R., & Allen, A. MTE Mothers: Finding Balance During the Covid 19 Pandemic. no. Qualitative Research in Music Education


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Grants & Contracts

SAGE Grant: Fifth Element Education. Illinois State University. Illinois State University. (2021)
Sage Fund: SoSoonArtists. Illinois State University. Illinois State University. (2020)