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Design Streak Studio

Design Streak Studio is a research based social innovation lab focused on human-centered service design. It strives to facilitate an interdisciplinary environment promoting discovery, and experimentation engaging in experiential and service learning.

In collaboration with various organizations, Design Streak Studio-lab combines the process of design thinking and making — conducting ethnographic research and collecting quantitative data to create new and authentic solutions to society’s complex problems. The studio-lab is committed to producing solutions of exceptional quality, and embracing design aesthetics to find a balance between form and function. Each project is valued for providing long term sustainability with a strong emphasis on morality and social justice.



Design Streak Studio was established in 1981 by Associate Professor Pam Tannura, who was succeeded by Associate Professor Julie Johnson from 2005 to 2015. The studio-lab is currently lead by Associate Professor Archana Shekara.


Since 1981, Design Streak Studio has been collaborating with multiple organizations and sharing design success. We look forward to engaging with our community through new collaborations and partnerships each semester. The studio-lab charges a nominal fee for projects and the revenue generated is used to fund field trips and conferences for designers. We also accept one pro bono project each semester, upholding Illinois State’s core values of Collaboration, Civic Engagement and Respect.



  • Autism McLean, Bloomington-Normal, IL (Pro bono, 2019)
  • Bloomington ReStore, Habitat for Humanity of McLean County, Bloomington, IL (Pro bono, 2018)
  • Botanical Gardens, ISU, Normal, IL
  • College of Fine Arts, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Council for Teacher Education, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Culturally Responsive Campus Community Conference, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Department of History, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Department of Sociology and Anthropology, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Horticulture Center, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Illinois Art Station, Normal, IL
  • Illinois State Police Department, ISU, Normal, IL (Pro bono, 2017)
  • Labyrinth House, YWCA, Bloomington, IL (Pro bono, 2019–20)
  • Office of Admissions, ISU, Normal, IL
  • McLean County, Bloomington, IL
  • McLean County Health Center & Mennonite College of Nursing, ISU, Normal, IL
  • National Center for Urban Education, College of Education, ISU, Normal, IL
  • Normal Public Library, Normal, IL
  • The Refuge Food Forest, Normal, IL (Pro bono, 2019–20)
  • Solar Car Team, ISU, Normal, IL
  • School of Theatre and Dance, College of Fine Arts, ISU, Normal, IL
  • TEDX Normal, IL
  • Town of Normal, Normal, IL
  • College of Education, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO
  • Virtual Nest, ISU, Normal, IL
  • West Market Street Council, Bloomington, IL Women’s and Gender Studies ISU, Normal, IL