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Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts IT

Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts IT provides courteous and knowledgeable computer support for the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts, as well as training to faculty and staff on specific computer applications and maintenance issues. Faculty may check out laptops, projectors, portable doc-cams, and digital cameras on short term basis.

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The Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts IT (CFA IT) maintains 11 computer labs for the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts.
All labs are closed during school closures and holidays.

CVA = Center for Visual Arts
CW = Centennial West
Cook = Cook Hall

  • CVA 138
    Open Lab

  • CVA 140
    General purpose lab

  • CVA 45
    Primarily used for Graphic Design

  • CVA 15
    Digital Audio lab/ Recording Studio

  • CVA 39
    Digital Photo lab for digital photography students.

  • CVA 20
    Video lab, limited access

  • CW 303
    Theater Design Lab, limited access

  • CW 315
    Primarily used for Arts Technology


Printing is available in CVA 138. Currently, there is a black and white printer and color printer, both open to all students for printing. In addition, for Graphic Design students, there is an oversize printer, able to print up to 44" wide on a continuous roll. The lab is part of the uPrint network across campus.

A Bit of History!

1980's- The Office of Research in Arts Technology (ORAT) was created to provide instructional support in personal computing for computer music and graphics and became the first college at Illinois State University to have email and a "microcomputer" lab.

1990's- ORAT’s support mission grew significantly as personal computing became essential to the work of the university. Students began to demand more technology courses, and various certificates and concentrations in Arts Technology were offered across the College’s three departments under the guidance of Associate Dean and Director of ORAT, David Williams.

1999- New undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Arts Technology are developed, vetted by the College and the Academic Senate, and approved by the IBHE. Their interdisciplinary nature makes the degrees unique in the State of Illinois.

2000's- First students admitted into Arts Technology major.

2000-2009- As a single unit, ORAT provides technology support to the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts, and its director, Shari Zeck, also directs the growing Program in Arts Technology.

2010 - Present- The Arts Technology Program is moved out from under the umbrella of ORAT. ORAT continues to provide support services to the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts, now under the new name CFA-IT.