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Bert Stabler

Assistant Professor
Wonsook Kim School of Art
Center for the Visual Arts - CVA 203B
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By appointment.
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I spent nearly eighteen years in Chicago as a public school art teacher, art critic, curator, activist, and artist. In graduate school I got involved in anticarceral activist projects, and my dissertation was on a social practice project that helped to close an Illinois supermax prison. I publish on issues of race, disability, and incarceration in relation to education and other institutions.

Current Courses

208.001Arts For Early Childhood: Visual Art

498.001Internship In Art

402.001Issues In Art Education

Teaching Interests & Areas

I see teaching as a form of expression (and learning as well). I endorse playful and emergent forms of collaboration, research, and making. I draw on my own experiences as a teacher and my related research interests in forming pedagogy and curriculum.

Research Interests & Areas

My research interests are in contemporary art, race, disability, and incarceration, with a focus on educational institutions.

Ph D Art education

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

MA Art education

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

BA English, economics

Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

Journal Article

Stabler, B., & MacPhee, J. Artist portfolio: posters about policing (interview with Josh MacPhee). Albert Stabler, Mira Rai Waits (EDs), Body Cam: Visual Regimes of Policing. Visual Arts Reseach 48.1 (2022): 5.
Stabler, A., & Waits, M. Introduction to the special issue. Albert Stabler, Mira Waits (EDs), Body Cam: The Visual Regimes of Policing (special journal issue). Visual Arts Research 47.2 (2022): 16.
Stabler, B., & Fischer, M. “There’s really almost nobody there who’s trying to make sense of it” (interview with Marc Fischer). Albert Stabler, Mira Rai Waits (EDs), Body Cam: Visual Regimes of Policing. Visual Arts Research 48.1 (2022): 12.
Long, R., & Stabler, A. “This is NOT okay:” Building a creative collective against academic ableism. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy (2021)
Stabler, B. A Sentimental Art Education. Studies in Art Education 62.1 (2021): 63-81.


Art as pedagogy as strategy: the critical potential of conceptualism in art education.. AERI Symposium. Art Education Research Institute. (2022)
Blind speech and Deaf text: The deconstructed disability art of Christine Sun Kim and Andy Slater. 110th CAA Annual Conference. College Art Association. (2022)
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Data, disability, detour, détournement. SECAC Annual Conference. SECAC. (2022)
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The animation of youth criminalization: from precarceral to carceral spaces. National Art Education Association Research Preconvention. National Art Education Association. (2022)
Civic Engagement Grant presentation: Visiting artists Paulina Camacho and Matthew Steinke. 2021 Teaching and Learning Symposium: “Civic Engagement in Extraordinary Times”. ISU Center for Teaching and Learning Technology. (2021)

Grants & Contracts

Deans Faculty Professional Development and Travel Award. Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts. Illinois State University. (2022)
Faculty Instructor Civic Engagement Learning Grant. Office of Civic Engagement. Illinois State University. (2022)
GTC Faculty Development Grant. Wonsook Kim School of Art. Illinois State University. (2022)
Gregor Fund. Wonsook Kim School of Art. Illinois State University. (2022)
School of Art Faculty Development Award. Wonsook Kim School of Art. Illinois State University. (2022)