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Dr. Tony Marinello stands next to a student. The student is wearing a VR headset and both of them are holding up a conducting baton.

In 2018 Dr. Roy D. Magnuson completed a user-friendly version of solsticeVR, a virtual reality tool that enables users to compose music. While his work on the “musical sandbox” proved to be a success, just one year later, development on an offshoot of this project began: a virtual reality tool [...]
Major General Richard Neely

Take a moment to applaud these outstanding Illinois State University alumni.

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Game Showcase 2021


Escape a dungeon, find hidden music beats to create a music track, do not break eye contact in a job interview, shake your phone to orient virtual ants, survive an asteroid field, learn to fly your dragon, bother your neighbors, join a villain convention, or navigate a dream world...

The 2021 Games Showcase video features selected digital and analog games made by students during the 2020-2021 academic year in the Creative Technologies Program at Illinois State University.

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