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Annual Art Education Showcase

Exhibition Dates: November 9-13, 2020

The National Art Education Association Student Chapter of ISU seeks to provide those who are interested in teaching art opportunities to connect with the community and further develop art and teaching skills. Similar to previous years, this exhibition represents members who are at different points in the art education program and show the talents of each individual. Some members have more experience in painting or drawing, while others are more versed in ceramics, sculpture, or glass blowing. This exhibition serves as a way of showing the many diverse skills of those within art education. It is through this show that those within the community will see that we are not only teachers, but artists as well. Many of the students in art education are double majors in studio art and work simultaneously to continue their artistic practice and develop teaching skills. We are often so focused on the teaching aspect of art education, so this exhibition is a perfect way for members to show who they are as artists. This allows us to grow stronger as an art education cohort, as we can build on each other’s artistic strengths to become better art educators as a whole. Not only does this exhibition allow us to share who we are as artists, it is a way in which we are able to connect with the broader community of Bloomington Normal. One of the goals of this chapter is to connect members to the community through teaching and artistic practices. This is one of the ways in which members are able to participate in discourse pertaining to contemporary practices of art making and teaching. It is through opportunities such as this that we are able to become more adept in our ability to connect with the community through art. In the past, the art education exhibition has had works of jewelry, glass, sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, and graphic design. Art education is a broad discipline in the sense that each of us have our own specialty and are not limited to just one medium. This is what this exhibition is all about: sharing the diverse experiences of each individual in the program. Each year, the board members of the chapter choose a panel of volunteer members to curate the exhibition. This gives members the chance to gain experience in the process of curating a show. Every member of the chapter has the chance to submit work and is limited to submitting two works to be included in the show. Depending on the number of works that are submitted, those who are curating the show determine what is included. Those curating the show work to include a wide variety of artwork in order to show the range of what we do as art educators.