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Alternative Drawings

Exhibition Dates: March 29-April 1, 2022

The artists who produced the drawings in this exhibition were members of a special-topic course in Fall Term 2021, taught by Professor Tony Crowley. Building on their familiarity with traditional drawing materials and previous studio experiences, the group explored non-traditional sources and methods for creating images that expanded their definition of drawing.

These included:

  • Systemic Drawing — Images based on external directives not generated by the artist and structured sequences determined by the artist.
  • Automatic Drawing — Images driven by intuition and impulse; a visual corollary to automatic or free writing.
  • Synesthetic Drawing — Drawings using poetry and music as sources for visual imagery that record both synesthetic responses to the source and the analysis of the imbedded meaning therein.
  • Interdisciplinary Drawing — Large images based on dance-like movements and gestures focusing on physicality, range of motion, and the energy contained in the body.