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BFA Solo Exhibition - Alanna Veitch - Gallery 3

Exhibition Dates: December 1-December 10, 2021

As Worlds Move Around Us

"‘Looking like’ is a tactic that has long been practiced as part of queer life [those who have been othered]—as well as of other lives who have similarly had to navigate visual policing of the ‘normal’.”
-David J. Gets, Ten Queer Theses on Abstraction

My sculptures represent the space, either physically or psychologically, between myself and those around me. What is this space I feel between myself and others? How does this exist? Why does this exist? These sculptures explore these questions of why, how, and what it is for me.

I create organic sculptures that speak to the duality of otherness by using biomorphic constructions. The sculptures reference an ethereality through the delicacy of the forms. The surface of the overall form, from the inner being to the outer structure, is textured to refer to the body on a cellular level. This is expressed by using references to natural entities ranging from microbial to visible lifeforms. The frayed, tattered edges and surface decoration speak to the otherness by blurring the lines of what is familiar and brings it into a mystical realm. These sculptures express the ideas of otherness as seen through an outsider’s lens.

This exhibition seeks to help the viewers enter into a realm where they are amongst those who are othered. David J. Getsy proposes in queer abstraction #10, “A queer engagement with abstraction can remind us of how we must remake the forms we encounter through our own particularity, our own history, and our own ways of surviving the daily experience of falling outside of the normal.” I create my own iteration of a spiritual moment of peace within my work by creating a place where those queer views are celebrated.

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