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Occentatia and CTK Visions

Exhibition Dates: Septmber 13-27, 2022


Occentatia is a solo exhibit by 2nd year MFA student KAELIN that explores queer safe spaces formed through fantasy and escapism.

Artist Statement: "Occentatia is a project that explores inclusivity and queer theory through world and character building, emphasized by an action—adventure, metroidvania lens. Presented not just in the vein of the artwork and game, but also as a team, we push for female, queer, and marginalized voices as influences to the project. The project extends to an array of mediums that correlate and work off one another. Medias explored within this project are concept and video game art, character cards, sculptures, digital paintings, and Dungeons and Dragons. The inspiration for Occentatia comes from an array of visuals and communities. Information, concepts, and visuals based out of queer theory, mythology, retro and contemporary video games, and more are woven together in this project. Through physical artworks, prints, or digital media, Occentatia exists to invite those who seek a safe space, activating a sense of comfort, excitement, adventure, and most importantly, healing."

CTK Visions

CTK Visions is a collection of selected works from the School of Creative Technologies including board games, digital illustrations, and UI/UX designs.