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School of Theatre, Dance, and Film Faculty and Staff

Kyle Ayers portrait

Kyle Ayers

Instructional Assistant Professor of Dance

(309) 438-8783

Bruce Burningham portrait

Bruce Burningham

Professor of Spanish Studies, Theatre Studies, and Film and Digital Media

(309) 438-3604

Kristin Carlson portrait

Kristin Carlson

Graduate Coordinator, Creative Technologies

(309) 438-2474

Jimmy Chrismon portrait

Jimmy Chrismon

Associate Professor of Theatre Teacher Education

(309) 438-8949

Ann Haugo portrait

Ann Haugo

Director, School of Theatre and Dance

(309) 438-8088

Lexi Howe portrait

Lexi Howe

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8783

Mary Jungels-Goodyear portrait

Mary Jungels-Goodyear

Instructional Assistant Professor of Scene Design

(309) 438-8783

Brendan Leahy portrait

Brendan Leahy

Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Media

(309) 438-8783

Maggie Marlin-Hess portrait

Maggie Marlin-Hess

Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre

(309) 438-8783

Gregory Merriman portrait

Gregory Merriman

Instructional Assistant Professor of Dance

(309) 438-8942

Kee-Yoon Nahm portrait

Kee-Yoon Nahm

Associate Professor of Theatre Studies

(309) 438-8783

Leslie Sloan Orr portrait

Leslie Sloan Orr

Associate Professor, Theatre and Film Studies

(309) 438-2895

Aaron Paolucci portrait

Aaron Paolucci

Associate Professor of Creative Technologies

(309) 438-2875

David Prete portrait

David Prete

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8783

Heather Reynolds portrait

Heather Reynolds

Assistant Professor of Lighting Design

(309) 438-8783

John Tovar portrait

John Tovar

Assistant Professor, Acting and Directing

(309) 438-8783

Matthew Vala portrait

Dr. Matthew Vala

Instructional Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre

(309) 438-8783

Li Zeng portrait

Li Zeng

Associate Professor of Film Studies

(309) 438-8123