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School of Music Faculty and Staff

Daniel Baer portrait

Dr. Daniel Baer

Instructional Assistant Professor of Piano

(309) 438-8423

Emily Beinborn portrait

Emily Beinborn

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

(309) 438-5407

Glenn Block portrait

Glenn Block

Director of Orchestras and Professor of Conducting

(309) 438-2540

Lauren Bobarsky portrait

Lauren Bobarsky

Music Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator

(309) 438-7265

Renee Chernick portrait

Renee Chernick

Instructional Assistant Professor of Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy

(309) 438-7949

Andrea Crimmins portrait

Andrea Crimmins

Associate Professor of Music Therapy

(309) 438-8198

Christine Fary portrait

Christine Fary

Research Services Assistant Librarian, Agriculture Librarian & Interim Music Librarian

(309) 438-5010

Thomas Faux portrait

Thomas Faux

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-7631

Tim Fredstrom portrait

Tim Fredstrom

Professor of Choral Music Education

(309) 438-5174

Mark Grizzard portrait

Mark Grizzard

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Choral Studies

(309) 438-0883

Christine Hansen portrait

Christine Hansen

Lead Academic Advisor & Assistant to the Director

(309) 438-7050

Kevin Hart portrait

Kevin Hart

Instructional Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies and Jazz Piano

(309) 438-8108

Megan Hildebrandt portrait

Megan Hildebrandt

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

(309) 438-7631

Martha Horst portrait

Martha Horst

Professor of Composition and Theory

(309) 438-5447

Igor Kalnin portrait

Igor Kalnin

Assistant Professor of Music, Artist-Teacher of Violin

(309) 438-3458

Roy Magnuson portrait

Roy Magnuson

Associate Professor Creative Technologies

(309) 438-8524

Tony Marinello portrait

Tony Marinello

Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Conducting

(309) 438-1702

Rose Marshack portrait

Rose Marshack

Interim Director of the School of Creative Technologies

(309) 438-7749

Thornton Miller portrait

Thornton Miller

Instructional Assistant Professor of Musicology

(309) 438-8761

Paul Nolen portrait

Paul Nolen

Associate Professor of Saxophone

(309) 438-8872

Carl Schimmel portrait

Carl Schimmel

Professor of Music Theory and Composition

(309) 438-3477

Matthew Smith portrait

Matthew Smith

Associate Professor of Creative Technologies

(309) 438-5362

Alex Stephenson portrait

Alex Stephenson

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition

(309) 438-8323

Cora Swenson Lee portrait

Cora Swenson Lee

Instructional Assistant Professor of Cello

(309) 438-8009

Lily Thompson portrait

Lily Thompson

Associate Professor of Music, Artist Teacher of Voice

(309) 438-8856

Matthew Vala portrait

Dr. Matthew Vala

Instructional Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre

(309) 438-8783

Justin Vickers portrait

Dr. Justin Vickers

Distinguished Professor of Music & Artist Teacher of Voice

(309) 438-8855