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Faculty and Staff A - Z

Kyle Ayers portrait

Kyle Ayers

Instructional Assistant Professor of Dance

(309) 438-8783

Daniel Baer portrait

Dr. Daniel Baer

Instructional Assistant Professor of Piano

(309) 438-8959

Polly Bedford portrait

Polly Bedford

Director of Development, Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts

Emily Beinborn portrait

Emily Beinborn

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

(309) 438-8959

Nick Benson portrait

Nick Benson

Manager, Center for the Performing Arts

(309) 438-3586

Glenn Block portrait

Glenn Block

Director of Orchestras and Professor of Conducting

(309) 438-2540

Steve Bryant portrait

Steve Bryant

Instructional Assistant Professor

Kristin Carlson portrait

Kristin Carlson

Graduate Coordinator, Creative Technologies

(309) 438-2474

Renee Chernick portrait

Renee Chernick

Instructional Assistant Professor of Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy

(309) 438-7949

Jimmy Chrismon portrait

Jimmy Chrismon

Associate Professor of Theatre Teacher Education

(309) 438-8949

Greg Corness portrait

Greg Corness

Assistant Professor of Creative Technology and Game Design

(309) 438-5621

Jody Decremer portrait

Jody Decremer

Assistant Director, Creative Technologies

(309) 438-3921

Simone Downie portrait

Simone Downie

Assistant Professor of Creative Technologies and Art

(309) 438-5621

Jason Dunda portrait

Jason Dunda

Assistant Professor of 2D Foundations

(309) 438-5621

Seth Engeman portrait

Seth Engeman

Assistant Director and Infrastructure Support Lead

(309) 438-2723

Thomas Faux portrait

Thomas Faux

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8959

Andreas Fischer portrait

Andreas Fischer

Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing

Brian Franklin portrait

Brian Franklin

Associate Professor of Expanded Media

Tim Fredstrom portrait

Tim Fredstrom

Professor of Choral Music Education

(309) 438-5174

Trevor Gould portrait

Trevor Gould

Facilities Manager - School of Music

(309) 438-5286

Mark Grizzard portrait

Mark Grizzard

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Choral Studies

(309) 438-0883

Christine Hansen portrait

Christine Hansen

Lead Academic Advisor & Assistant to the Director

(309) 438-7050

Kevin Hart portrait

Kevin Hart

Instructional Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies and Jazz Piano

(309) 438-8108

Ann Haugo portrait

Ann Haugo

Director, School of Theatre and Dance

(309) 438-8088

Claire Hedden portrait

Claire Hedden

Instructional Assistant Professor of Sculpture

(309) 438-5621

Megan Hildebrandt portrait

Megan Hildebrandt

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

(309) 438-8959

Martha Horst portrait

Martha Horst

Professor of Composition and Theory

(309) 438-5447

Lexi Howe portrait

Lexi Howe

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8783

Kayla Hueneburg portrait

Kayla Hueneburg

Instructional Assistant Professor of Art Teacher Education

Melissa Johnson portrait

Melissa Johnson

Associate Professor, Art History & Visual Culture

(309) 438-8170

Whitney Johnson portrait

Whitney Johnson

Instructional Assistant Professor of Painting & Drawing

(309) 438-5621

Mary Jungels-Goodyear portrait

Mary Jungels-Goodyear

Instructional Assistant Professor of Scene Design

(309) 438-8783

Igor Kalnin portrait

Igor Kalnin

Assistant Professor of Music, Artist-Teacher of Violin

(309) 438-8959

Brendan Leahy portrait

Brendan Leahy

Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Media

(309) 438-8783

Roy Magnuson portrait

Roy Magnuson

Associate Professor Creative Technologies

(309) 438-8524

Tony Marinello portrait

Tony Marinello

Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Conducting

(309) 438-1702

Maggie Marlin-Hess portrait

Maggie Marlin-Hess

Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre

(309) 438-8783

Rose Marshack portrait

Rose Marshack

Professor and Director of Creative Technologies Program

(309) 438-7749

Alexander Martin portrait

Alexander Martin

Instructional Assistant Professor of Printmaking

(309) 438-8321

Gregory Merriman portrait

Gregory Merriman

Instructional Assistant Professor of Dance

(309) 438-8942

Thornton Miller portrait

Thornton Miller

Instructional Assistant Professor of Musicology

(309) 438-8959

Kee-Yoon Nahm portrait

Kee-Yoon Nahm

Associate Professor of Theatre Studies

(309) 438-8783

Lon Nicole portrait

Lon Nicole

Office Support Specialist, Graphic Designer

(309) 438-5622

Paul Nolen portrait

Paul Nolen

Associate Professor of Saxophone

(309) 438-8872

Leslie Sloan Orr portrait

Leslie Sloan Orr

Associate Professor, Theatre and Film Studies

(309) 438-2895

Lauren Palmer portrait

Lauren Palmer

Illinois Shakespeare Festival, Finance and Communications Manager

(309) 438-8785

Aaron Paolucci portrait

Aaron Paolucci

Associate Professor of Creative Technologies

(309) 438-2875

David Prete portrait

David Prete

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-8783

Jenny Price portrait

Jenny Price

Instructional Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

(309) 438-5621

Nathania Rubin portrait

Nathania Rubin

Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing

(309) 438-5621

Midori Samson portrait

Midori Samson

Instructional Assistant Professor of Bassoon

(309) 438-8959

Carl Schimmel portrait

Carl Schimmel

Professor of Music Theory and Composition

(309) 438-3477

Daniel Schuetz portrait

Daniel Schuetz

Instructional Assistant Professor of Voice

(309) 438-2443

Sara Semonis portrait

Sara Semonis

Associate Dean for Research and Planning

(309) 438-8021

Matthew Smith portrait

Matthew Smith

Associate Professor of Creative Technologies

(309) 438-5362

Nan Stein portrait

Nan Stein

Clinical Assistant Professor of Art Education

(309) 438-2728

Alex Stephenson portrait

Alex Stephenson

Instructional Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition

(309) 438-8323

Annie Sungkajun portrait

Annie Sungkajun

Assistant Professor of Creative Technologies and Graphic Design

(309) 438-5621

Erik Swanson portrait

Erik Swanson

Instructional Assistant Lecturer of Guitar

(309) 438-8959

Cora Swenson Lee portrait

Cora Swenson Lee

Instructional Assistant Professor of Cello

(309) 438-8009

Lily Thompson portrait

Lily Thompson

Associate Professor of Music, Artist Teacher of Voice

(309) 438-8856

John Tovar portrait

John Tovar

Assistant Professor, Acting and Directing

(309) 438-8783

Janet Tulley portrait

Janet Tulley

Assistant Dean for Enrollment and Student Services

(309) 438-3566

Matthew Vala portrait

Dr. Matthew Vala

Instructional Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre

(309) 438-8959

Rick Valentin portrait

Rick Valentin

Professor, Creative Technologies Program

(309) 438-1840

Justin Vickers portrait

Dr. Justin Vickers

Distinguished Professor of Music & Artist Teacher of Voice

(309) 438-8855

Michael Wille portrait

Michael Wille

Professor of Art, Drawing and Painting

(309) 438-5621

Amy Yeager portrait

Amy Yeager

Instructional Assistant Professor

(309) 438-5621

Li Zeng portrait

Li Zeng

Associate Professor of Film Studies

(309) 438-8123